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I really like my new doctor. I like my last doctor who is in Salinas, but since I no longer work was about time to get a new doctor who is local. Met with him on Friday. Pretty awesome guy. He seems to have a genuine interest in my health which makes things more comfortable.

I told him about the struggle I am having with my anti-depressants. And he sat with me and we discussed in detail my depression. I am guessing he didn't have many appointments that day or something as we chatted for quite a while about my health. And he didn't try to rush through anything. Maybe that office schedules extra time for new patients? I don't know.

He explained anti-depressants in detail, many thing I already knew, but then got specific about the meds I want to be on. He said there was an option to imitate that medicine by taking two different prescriptions at the same time. He reassured it is safe to do and that both meds don't conflict with each other. So I will be trying this out for a month and going back in. He said if it doesn't help me he can make a strong argument with my insurance company to get my original meds convered.

So, that's where I am at. I started the new prescriptions yesterday morning. We will see how it goes.

Group therapy on Thursday was amazing and I ended up leaving on such a high note. So far this weekend I haven't been depressed.
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