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Last Week in Tweets

  • Everytime I tweet about not finding my keys....I spot them immediately after I send said tweet.
  • I should just tweet "Need to find my keys" everytime I leave my apartment.
  • I think I might be getting sick. I am sad.
  • Both my computer and I are sick. But I already fixed the computer...
  • Too bad I can't just install something into my sinuses and tell it to clean this.
  • I think I might have a fever, but apparently I don't have a thermometer to confirm.
  • I'll just sit here and sweat my face off.
  • Sweet pickles are the worst. This relish offends me.
  • Group therapy was fucking brutal tonight. I just about lost it. I can't remember when I last cried like that.
  • Help. I have "fallen" onto my bed and too comfortable to get up and do the stuff i need to do.
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