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Last Week in Tweets

  • That feeling when a client tells you that the information you got from THEIR website is wrong.
  • If I could eat only apples with peanutbutter and spaghetti for the rest of my life I would be one happy bunny.
  • Can we stop using Chernobyl as an example for why nuclear power plants are "horrible"? Pleeease?
  • Yeah, still awake. Went to bed and made the mistake of checking reddit on my phone. Nuclear Plant thread...oh man. I got lost in it.
  • There will be tacos tonight and my life will be magical once again.
  • This client is almost as bad as having fucking COMCAST as a client. And Comcast is the worst fucking client ever.
  • This sandwich is amazing. There are lots of sandwiches like this one, but this one is mine and going into my stomach and making me happy.
  • And i feel stupid. Upset...i just walked home. While i normally walk to the pharmacy...this time i drove. So my car is still there.
  • Adem and I were approved for an apartment! :D Moving early April!
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