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Fuck US Healthcare

I am not even joking when I say that the cost of medical insurance for me is more expensive than if I payed for everything out of pocket including the yearly fine.

But I guess that's why the fine goes up every year so that eventually it would be cheaper paying to have the most fucked up worthless medical insurance ever.

I'm just going to tell myself that the $400 a month I have to pay to a medical insurance company is a "Being an American citizen fee." since that $400 does not cover or help with the $200+ prescriptions I need.

Fuck US democrats who were so fucking insistent to get health care reform done that you rushed through a very fucking important system and as a result forced a fucking messed up medical system on your citizens.

Fuck US republicans who have their heads so far up their fucking asses that since they refuse to compromise or even work with democrats in this country. It's YOUR fucking fault that democrats went ahead and passed the most shit health care system that hurts the majority of middle class citizens. Fuck you so hard.

Maybe I should fucking become a US politician since these fucking assholes are exempt from paying into this FUCKED UP HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.


Basically...the current antidepressants I am supposed to be on is because other ones are no longer effective. I've been on it for months and years ago I was on it. It works amazingly well for me.

But my new insurance company doesn't want to cover they are sending a note to my doctor to have them write up a prescription for the antidepressants they believe I should be on and that they are willing to cover.

An insurance company is deciding what my medication should be.

Let that sink in for a while.
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