Anibunny (anibunny) wrote,

Last Week in Tweets

  • ...We played monopoly two nights in a row. Worst. Idea. Ever.
  • Friendships remain intact. But we all have a greater understanding why that game is literally the worst.
  • Lay-Z-Boy should redesign their logo as it sucks. I hate this ad I am working on. Their logo is ruining everything.
  • ...just now noticed it is actually La Z Boy. My whole life has been a lie.
  • If you feel like watching an ad for Bell's Whisky AND crying at the same can watch this:
  • ALL I DID WAS READ A BOOK! Now i am in some crazy place with flying books and #skyrim?!
  • I am going out of town tomorrow. Going to a place with snow. Pllb. I agreed to this because there will be drinking.
  • At a doctor office. They wanted me to check if my medical histor on record was accurate. Um...
Tags: twitter
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