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US Health Insurance Sucks and So Does Depression

My payment to my new health care insurance provider was rejected. The reason was simply listed as "other."

And of course I wasn't notified of this. No email. No letter.

I have three prescriptions and was pleasantly happy to discover that two of them are less than $50 at retail price. So I refilled those as they needed to be filled. One of those two I actually need.

But then I find out my payment was rejected and there is one more prescription that is coming close to needing to be filled. My antidepressants. I looked into it and it costs over $200 at retail price and I really can't afford that. Not when I decided to start group therapy begins at the end of this month.

Because my payment was rejected, I won't have insurance until March 1st. My antidepressants will run out before then.

I am trying to slowly wean myself off the depressants so that the effects of coming off will be minimal.

I am only four days in and I am already miserable and crying off and on all day.

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