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Last Week in Tweets

  • Fun Fact: I am super excited about Superbowl today. Bonus: I won't live tweet about it so you're all good!
  • *Snickers* I get the impression that my former coworker doesn't realize she's talking to me.
  • Related, hoping I get enough back on my taxes to legally change my name~
  • I want chocolate and I am sad that I don't have any.
  • I will be going to Adem's to watch a bad movie tonight with friends. I will report back on my opinion of said movie.
  • It's Team America: World Police if you are curious. I haven't seen it before.
  • ...I can appreciate Team America for what it stands for and why it was made...but I never need to see that movie again. Wow.
  • so fucking confused. My insurance payment never went through
  • Explaining to people on Reddit what "Glomping" is. One person thinks it is the sound for swallowing. Like "Gulp."
  • I've entered a world I don't know.......
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