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Last Week in Tweets

  • My feelings are apparently ridiculous and I am ridiculous for standing up for myself. Blegh. Skyrim time to get this ick feeling off me.
  • Working on converting all my livejournal entries over to get it printed in book format. Because I'm insane.
  • Tumblr is really upsetting me tonight.
  • It sucks when several people you generally like express a very shitty opinion that leaves you wanting to do bad things.
  • Coworkers and I are discussing how sad the google chat emoticons look. This is my job. This is my life.
  • "Tender Butts & Smokin' Thighs BBQ" How do people come up with these names???
  • Apples with peanut butter tastes so amazing to me right now, I don't care that things like ice cream exist.
  • I just passed 56,000 tweets. I never shut up. Ever.
  • Wasn't sure what to get Adem for Valentine's day...ended up buying two books. Just now I found a trilogy I think he would like.
  • The trilogy is pretty cheap. I wonder how he would feel if I just gave him a basket of books for Valentine's day and a bottle of wine. lol
  • There are tons of cute girls in 50's dresses downtown!

I got into a fight with a feminist about why it is wrong to force the label of "feminist" onto people who don't want to be associated with the movement. She called me ridiculous instead of addressing any of the points I made. Glad to cut that (apparently) toxic person from my life.
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