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Health Insurance

I am getting to experience "Reformed Healthcare" since I am technically...not employed. I'm considered Freelance/Self-Employed by the government.

For the month of January I haven't had health insurance. I knew this would happen and so I actually got ALL my meds refilled at the end of December. A few weeks ago I applied for health insurance through Covered California. California's response to ACA...basically...California (and there are other states too) that wanted to offer it's own option to its citizens or something.

Awesome bonus to this being: Covered California's website actually works. I know some people who are still without insurance as they STILL can't get the Federal government healthcare website to work or process their information.


While employed full-time and making an okay amount of money, I paid $140 a month for health insurance. 'Cause when employed as part of your benefits, the company pays for part of your insurance.

So now I am freelance, make less money per hour and I am only part-time...I don't qualify for government assistance and so insurance costs me $400 a month. Which I am required by law to have.

...How is this affordable?

Well. I am not commuting any more and so the $120-$140 I spent a month on gasoline isn't coming out of my pocket that helps.

Here's the fun part though.

Also, because I am freelance, I have to pay higher taxes to the Government than the average person. :| In exchange I can write stuff off as a work expense...but will it make up the difference? Next year will be the first year I go in to have someone do my taxes.

Going back to health insurance...the process is highly frustrating.

In the beginning it was super easy. Filled out all the forms to find out what I qualify for and don't. Then pick an insurance plan that fits my needs. Super easy.

I got a letter from CC saying I am eligible for insurance through them and my coverage will start February 1st. It was otherwise pretty vague. Had no idea what was the next step. This is the last week of January and so I was getting nervous especially since some of my meds is getting low. Specifically the one I actually NEED.

Every time I would try to contact CC, I would be put in a "Hold Queue" and be number 400 in line with (supposedly) an hour wait. Finally tried to contact the insurance company and put on hold with a (supposedly) half hour wait. While on hold, their "music" told me a website I should go to instead if I was getting insurance through CC.

Hang up. Went to website. Find out that, first insurance payment was due by the 28th. I was calling the 29th. How the fuck was I supposed to know I had to pay by then? Hell. How was I supposed to know WHERE to pay??? CC's letter was fucking vague and I never heard from my insurance company. (My insurance company's initials is BS...haha.)

So I create a login and sent my payment through their secure site. Which apparently has nothing to so with the insurance's actual website. I need my member ID for that...which I don't have...since my insurance hasn't sent me my info yet...probably because I hadn't PAID even though no one informed me WHEN or HOW I needed to! For fucks sake!

So yeah. I am sitting here with one pill left, my pharmacy keeps sending me electronic calls informing me there is a problem with my insurance and that it expired (no shit), and still wondering how $400 a month is "affordable." That's more than my car payment.
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