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Last Week in Tweets

  • Boss fight in D&D! Not going the best, lol.
  • I ~*love*~ it when people ask me what their client is supposed to get. YOU sold it YOU tell ME.
  • My boss is getting to see how crazy and insane my last job is as we are now getting work orders from them.
  • I love radishes. They are like nature's potato chip~ om nom nom
  • I spent 2 hours scheduling and launching a major ad campaign. As soon as I was done I get a message saying "Client wants to swap logo." omfg
  • I want a cupcake. Someone provide, please.
  • I've been ill all day because of the drinking I did last night. But the really confusing part is how I've wanted to cry all day?
  • Just no reason for crying. I'll see something or hear something or think something and have an urge to cry.
  • Pretty certain this isnt a hangover sickness. Dont know what it is though....
  • Adem thinks i have food poisoning or the start of the flu...i think im dying.
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