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Food Poisoning while having a hangover.

Is it possible for six people to share a meal together and three of them get food poisoning?

People are thinking I had food poisoning yesterday, which could be the case...but it confuses me because only three of us got sick when six of us basically ate the same thing. The only thing I can come up with is maybe some of the chicken was bad and us three were the unlucky ones who ate it? Which doesn't sound impossible.

Friend made dinner for the lot of us. Orange chicken, Mongolian chicken, microwaves veggies, rice, and potstickers.

I skipped on the veggies and Mongolian chicken. And actually, now that I think of it...I think it was the potstickers. I totally forgot we had that as well until I started thinking "I know I had more than two items on my plate."

And I know one of the people who didn't get sick didn't have any. I also know one girl and myself probably had the most pot stickers out of everyone there...and she got REALLY sick. I remember when eating one I thought it seemed different...but I assumed it was because they were cooked differently. I recall Adem getting on the guy's case about how he was cooking them. He had never cooked them before.

They probably weren't cooked right.

So, yeah. Yesterday was a not fun day and super confusing one for me.

I woke up dehydrated, massive headache, and feeling ill. I assumed it was a hangover as the headache certainly felt like one. It was just weird because I honestly didn't drink THAT much. Yes, I got drunk. But nothing compared to a few other times in my life...and my hangovers never felt like this excluding the headache.

I tried eating breakfast, but found it incredibly difficult to do so. It made me feel sick. Bread was, surprisingly, the worst. I ate a little bacon, fruit, and some crackers. I didn't want to move unless I had to. I just felt so ill all day and other grossness I won't go into. Around dinner time I thought I felt hungry...we went and got food, but on the car ride over had to pull over and bolt out of the car...almost throwing up right there. I started crying and I don't entirely know why.

Adem and I rested a bit before I braved a car ride again. Instead of feeling nauseous, I felt very weak. It was odd.

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