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Last Week in Tweets

  • Ignorance is a tool I use to help with my phobia of spiders.
  • Yup. I am sure all that old dirty cardboard I moved from my balcony had spiders in it, but if I don't look at it much...I am good!
  • I want ramen. Like. Actual ramen. Not 10cent ramen.
  • I'm so shallow. I don't want to use Windows 8 because I think the tiles are ugly as fuck.
  • I am amused that there is a real possibility that next month I will be going to my old work to talk about web advertising for my new job.
  • When i got a smoothie today, the lady helping me was surprisingly rude. I asked if the regular smoothies had dairy...
  • She answered, "I dont know. If you are allergic, don't drink it."
  • My friend lost her purse...
  • I forgot to take my antidepressant last night and so I am concerned a whole 'nother level as to where this happy/weird energy is coming from
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