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New Start?

This past week went by fast, I must say. Since Adem had the week off and I wasn't working, we pretty much spent the entire week together. He returns to work tomorrow and so here I am sending the evening alone.

It's nice. It's relaxing. It's quiet.

But being alone tonight just gets me thinking about how much I do enjoy his company. I don't feel exhausted or drained like I normally do when spending so much time around people. I am very thankful that Adem is similar to me and feels the same way...that quiet time is needed. Just being able to sit in the same room or area is enough to be content. So while we spent so much time wasn't at all draining.


In other news...I accepted a new job! It is quiet different form my last and I am a bit anxious to start. I am very use to routine and security and this is very new to me and...not exactly the security I would want. But, it is an exciting opportunity and I hope it will give me some freedom in life to get back to drawing. It's been well over a year since I have done really anything in terms of art.

I commuted two hours every day and by the time I was done with exercise, eating, and any chores needed...I was too exhausted to do much else. Well. That and depression of course. Depression really took me to dark places in 2013. I am still on antidepressants though and the new ones I've been on for a couple of months have been doing wonders!

So! The new job. It's really Freelancing. I am working for an agency of sorts, which sounds weird I guess. When I tell people I will be freelancing, it is no surprise they immediately assume I am working for myself. It's a company/agency that provides the kind of work I was doing at my last station for, well, other TV stations. Ad design, ad operations, and other web related work. There is a small team of people across the US working for this same company/agency and I will be apart of it. I will be doing some management as well!

I will be working 4 days a week, but there is the opportunity to get some more hours in there later on. There is room to grow, train, and get involved...which is fantastic and what I have been looking for. There are some great benefit to working this, but I don't mean usual employee benefits. I'll be getting new software to use while working for him that I am allowed to use on personal projects. If there are any training opportunities, it will be covered as well. Being Freelance, however, means I will have to buy my own medical insurance and handle taxes on my own. That's a lot of paperwork, but I am willing to give this a try!

Oh! And obviously this means I am working from home! Saving so much money on gas alone as well as car maintenance! I feel the offer comes at a great time to make some better changes in life, get back to art, and save some money. With the plans of moving in with Adem early next year...I will be able to pay off my car and student loans much faster while also save a little.

2013 was awful for me. Really awful. But with how it is ending, it is leaving me optimistic for 2014.
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