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Dreams While Sick

I've been sick. (Gods. Apparently I am not allowed to enjoy my first week of unemployment, but okay.) Today has been the worst and so much of my time has been sleeping.

I woke up one of the many times and felt so damn thirsty. I sat up and my hand found a wet spot. Looking back there was an outline of where I was sleeping. Sweat. Fantastic.

And the dreams I was having while breaking a fever or sweating or whatever....I must tell you!

I was at a wedding for some reason. And I was a bridesmaid for some fucked-up reason. I was made a bridesmaid out of pity and like all the other bridesmaids hated me and treated me like shit. It was a lot of setting up and tearing stuff down. Changing the wedding area into a reception area...that sort of business. All the bridesmaids started dancing with people and left me to do most of the work.

I was pissed. And really uncomfortable wearing a pink and lavender dress with high heels. I ran into a friend who gave me a look over and asked why don't I change now the ceremony is over. I told him that we hadn't done pictures and he kind of got me to my senses by saying, "They don't even like you."

So, I headed to his house which apparently was literally attached to the building the wedding/reception was at. His dad was in the other room watching television on this tiny set and required ABSOLUTE SILENCE. Seriously. Anytime I made the smallest sound...I got yelled at. I changed and headed up back to the wedding where the bride made sad faces at me and I didn't give a damn.

I then realized I misplaced my phone. I panic and start running around the rooms trying to backtrack my steps. Eventually I find it and see I have an important message. It was sent to me in code. From Celestial Being!

(I'm not even joking, guys.)

I rush downstairs to the basement. I am trying to sneak my way past employees and such and come to this...quite suspicious looking door. It's a big metal door with a keypad lock thing and all these signs and logos saying to keep out, dangerous, and all that jazz. I walk up to it, type something in the keypad and then place my hand down on something that scans it.

The door opens and it is a small room with a moving dolly of sorts by a door in the wall. I can hear something running and I guess by opening the door or whatever code I keyed in...activated something. I wait and soon the door opens up in the wall and spits out a small replica of a GN Drive. It's probably 6ft wide and kind of tall. But honestly this thing changes sizes MULTIPLE times in my dream.

The GN drive lands on the dolly and I begin pushing it out the door. I think to myself how this is actually a nuclear device (fan-tastic) and I need to move it quickly. As soon as I get out the door, though, a custodian spots me and begins questioning me.

We're kind of standing in a T intersection and down the hall I manage to spot Ian and Lasse go bolting by. I yell at them and then backtrack and hurry over. I do sort of a "This is Ian Vashti, he is authorizing the movement of this item." and the custodian just lets us go. We begin pushing it down a series of hallways as Ian explains some people found the location of this and we have to move it quickly.

We come to another door and we each pull out identical keys. We put the keys in the door at the same time where there were three slots and turn them at the same time. It unlocks and we head into what looks like a control room. Ian gets to work and it feels like the entire room starts moving.

Ian pulls out a small black card and state that we need to say our passwords into it. Ian starts saying something in Japanese and the card flashes a bit. He hands it to Lasse who says some phrase and it does it as well. They hand it to me and I stare blankly.

I...don't understand.

Ian gets frustrated with me and says I need to say the password phrase I set up initially. But I don't remember. There is some panic and Ian stresses this is extremely important or bad shit is going to happen.

I freak out.

I say the only thing that comes to mind. It is something to the effect of, "It doesn't matter the size or length of time your star shines, but how brightly it shines through its life."

It flashes. Ian takes the card back, inserts it into a control panel, and we move the GN Drive into a position in the control room. Then Lasse and Ian walk off to the side where there are a series of small little doors. I ask what they are doing and they explain we have to escape...that this control room is a pod and will get the GN drive where it needs to go. Lasse jumps through one of the doors and rides this weird slide thing out. Ian does the same. I panic. I feel scared. I walk to one and peek through. It doesn't look safe...kind of like a tiny conveyor belt that isn't quite finished.

But I jump through. I find myself riding the thing through the TV station I use to work at in Spokane. It spits me out onto the street corner where Ian and Lasse aren't anywhere to be seen. Several people in business suits are walking by looking at me with confused looks. I start walking as normal.

Then I wake up.
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