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Shoulder Pain

I injured my shoulder on Thursday. Feels like it did back in April. I am hanging in there, but I am in a lot of pain and it does interrupt sleep. Last time it took several months of physical therapy to get through it. Unfortunately, having lost my job and being so close to the holidays...I won't be able to really see a doctor until sometime next year. I remember some stretches from physical therapy to do...and I am just going to try to take it easy.

Couldn't find a sling today at the first store I went to. Will have to try other places.

Side note...which isn't too insurance seemed to cover physical therapy. Seemed. I actually got a bill at the end of last month for it. Nice timing, right? What pisses me off is the PT place says I didn't pay for several sessions that I did. So, gotta print out some bank statements and then eventually pay off the rest of the bill since my insurance didn't cover it. /sigh
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