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I Love My Bank. But How Did It Know?!

Today I spent a lot of money. Going to a wedding this weekend so I got shoes and then of course there was food, gas, xmas the last store my card was declined. It's a debit card. Made no sense. Tried two more times in case I typed my pin incorrectly and then once as credit. Quickly pulled out all the cash I had but I was short $5. As a last resort, I pulled out my credit card, purchased, and went on my way.

Pheh. I was embarrassed and confused, but thankfully it was the last store I needed to go to. I went home.

Just now I got a text from my bank marked "Fraud alert" and asked me to confirm or not if I tried to make a transaction for $207 at a liquor store. Um. No. Quickly hopped online to pull up my account, got an email at the same time, clicked the option that said I didn't, and a snap my bank was calling me to speak with me about it.

So my card was declined at the last store because the bank suspected fraud and turned off the card. It also had rejected the $207 charge that someone tried to make.

But here's the question that I am wondering. How did they know?!

Here's why. (You're allowed to laugh.)

The guy went through a bunch of recent charges with me to confirm I made them all. One included a place in Florida (xmas shopping) and one included a place in Texas (again, xmas shopping. I got paid today.).

Bank: $207.65 charge at a liquor store in Kitchner, Canada?
Me: No. That wasn't me.
Bank: Then I show there was another charge attempted at a liquor store in Capitola, CA for $26.12?
Me: ...
Me: ...yeah. That was me.

Yeah. The last store I stopped at where I had my card declined WAS a liquor store. Picking up some sparkling wine to add to the wedding gift Adem bought for his good friend.

HOWEVER IT WAS CAUGHT, I am so damn thankful. And that incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing moment at the store as I frantically searched for cash or whatever is all worth it. Seriously. Go bank!
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