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I don't know what the fuck is up with my body recently.

Yesterday I ended up getting incredibly nauseous and felt like my innards were going to exit any way and all ways possible. By the time I got to the bathroom (which doesn't take long in a studio apartment.) my body was like, "WAIT! NO! We're going to pass out instead." As my limbs began to fall asleep and became light headed. Sat down and then felt like I was overheating and crawled up in the shower where it was cold. With Adem's help.

Poor poor Adem having to deal with me suddenly going down like that.

Then today. TODAY. Blackhole mode. So fucking hungry. I could not get enough to eat. Nothing could satisfy my hunger. I had therapy and errands after work. It was around 6pm when my stomach was like, "I'M STARVING!" That incredibly sharp hunger pain feeling. Oh god. It was awful. And it didn't make sense. I have been eating!

As I began walking around outside for errands, I got super cold. It was cold outside so...yeah. But my stomach was like, "We're not hungry anymore." Just all of a sudden. Gone. Get home around 8. Finally start to get stuff together for food and yeah. Wasn't hungry. Still ate.

Was still cold.

Took hot shower. Played some Skyrim. Made a cup of hot chocolate to combat cold. Half hour later...omga;kghfgh. I feel so nauseous. Like I had a bunch of dairy. But my hot chocolate doesn't have any. And I am sitting here like "WHY, body?! WHY?!"
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