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Tweets of Last Week

  • Excited to see a certain someone's reaction to up coming changes. #Schadenfreude #ImTerrible
  • Got annoyed that my follower said I was lacking in wisdom. Shortly after I randomly pulled a lever that caught us both on fire. #Skyrim
  • I should have seen it coming. We were standing on oil that is used to catch fire. Maybe she is right about me. #Skyrim
  • "Can we accept a 60 second preroll?" No. No one wants to watch a 60 second ad before a 10-20 second news clip.
  • I don't care for rap or R&B and yet I enjoy having random/rhythmic noise forcefully inserted into my ears.
  • Adem: I bet that inspires a lot of courage. We are off to kill a dragon and I am like "Wait wait! I have to catch this butterfly!" #Skyrim
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