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Tweets of Last Week

  • Saw the movie Splice. Um. So that's a movie that exists.
  • Cold. Slowly falling asleep. Send blankets.
  • Today's Anibunny is powered by...Rockstar Energy Drink.
  • Normally a Rockstar can get me through the day. Today is different apparently. Gonna nap on my lunch break.
  • Didn't consider that napping at work on lunch break could result in bed-head. Now I have a horn I guess.
  • I am going to clean out my office as if I will no longer be working here. Maybe then it will come true. #MayOrMayNotHaveSnapped
  • Adem and I were talking about how funny it would be if our future kids were like...typical jocks and into sports.
  • "Why won't our kids play D&D with us?!"
  • Dear past me, you're an asshole.
  • Loading my game and walked away. Heard my character getting hit. Past me saved the game IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE WHY
  • TIL that "Ani" can mean Anus. But(t) it is also the name of the Etruscan sky god so...fuck you, I'm a god.
  • The hardest question I have ever been asked when applying for a job: What would your theme music be when you walk into a room.
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