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Last Week Summed Up in Tweets

  • High anxiety, low blood sugar, or medication side effect: Story of my current life.
  • There needs to be a reverse autocorrect website.
  • You put in a word from a text that was obviously autocorrected and receive a list of words of what it could have been.
  • that point how depression can make simple tasks difficult like getting out of bed is painfully accurate.
  • My progress toward making dinner or doing laundry has been 0%
  • RedBull Total Zero takes like Total Sugar. Somehow. Sugar and unhappiness.
  • I gave Adem a hickey. Because he's a brat. #justfyi
  • It will be a very sad day when I am older than movie!Graham. :<
  • You can't "spoil" your dinner if what you are eating IS dinner.
  • If you have ever bought anything relating to Graham and have wondered, "Can I sell this? I don't want it anymore." The answer is yes. Me.
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