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Last Week Described in Tweets

  • We lose one of our Sales Assistants and today it has been revealed that our Sales People don't know how to use Power Point.
  • So guess who gets to update packages? This guy.
  • oh my god...the news department is refusing to do any work on the website because we are being sold December 1st....the fucking hell.
  • I honestly do not understand how this place functions sometimes. But I guess that's why we were sold. Because we don't.
  • I really regret my college choices. I feel like I fucked up my life forever.
  • I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you. #vague
  • I do not have patience with people today.
  • Sales person asks me to create artwork for a power point. So I send it to her and she asks me to add it to the power point for her. No.
  • Adem is growing his beard. He looks so damn sexy.
  • I love Graham so damn much.
  • Sales AE just came into my office and asked if he could hide in here. Apparently this one manager who comes up from Santa Maria is here.
  • *whispers* The one person I cannot stand from Santa Maria is here. a;fkha;kds;tjhreuipwjbc.lnmdbf;jdsa
  • Yeah, fuck our clients. We don't need to do what's best for them...we're just in it for the money.
  • And the sales department wonders why clients never return to do business with them.
  • I just keep thinking how I want to run away.
  • "If you hate your job, why don't you do something about it?" I have been trying. "How about move to another country then?" #wat
  • Just move to another country. Might as well tell me that my idea to quit my job and become homeless is a good idea too.
  • I want Graham's face on everything.
  • Hi, I'm Ani and I still live in 2007.
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