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I miss my dad. A lot. I miss the way he would joke with me and his laugh and his smile and just how inspiring he was to me. I really miss him right now.

I think maybe it is because it is close to Halloween.

I miss Halloween. How it use to be for me. God, I love Halloween. I joke with Adem a lot that when we have a house together I am going to decorate it for Halloween...all crazy like. He doesn't like scary things.

I like scary things.

Halloween was the holiday my family made a big deal about. Not Christmas. Not Thanksgiving. Halloween. Halloween was the important holiday. We would carve 100 pumpkins or more. No joke. My dad made paper mâché trolls and monsters...the kind of stuff you see in the movie Labyrinth. Paintings, too. And a grave yard. And a large dragon mouth you had to walk through to get to the house.

And I am sad because I miss that. I miss how awesome Halloween was. And I miss my dad.

I want my dad back.
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