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A Summary of Last Week Using Tweets

I was severely depressed, so I can't really say anything I tweeted last week would fall under the subject of "Fave tweets from last week."

  • Forgot to set my alarm and so I woke up an hour late. Some might say I probably needed the sleep but...
  • ...I got 16 hours of sleep.
  • I am trying so fucking hard to not let this place get to me, but the fucking incompetence of some people.
  • In my dream last night, I was trying to get a ghostly Jesus head to follow me around. He wouldn't. (I wonder about my brain sometimes.)
  • So many of my coworkers are leaving and then of course there will be layoffs next year...
  • some of my other coworkers keep coming to me asking if I am staying and I'm thinking, "Unfortunately for now."
  • I keep wondering why we are doing so much work when in literally 2 months we are losing all our websites and starting over.
  • It's hard to keep doing a job for people who don't respect you, value you, and take you for granted.
  • I am building a web page with 24 logos on it and nothing else. (Technically there are 28, but details.)
  • That is what happens when sales people get to do whatever the fuck they want and your experience doesn't mean shit.
  • "Why is this missing?" Because no one told me about it. #StoryOfMyFuckingLife
  • Sigh. I planned on having lunch with my coworker friend today who leaves Friday, but it looks like I might be ditched.
  • Yesterday I complained about the web page that is nothing but 24 logos. They want me to add 8 more logos to the mix.
  • I'm not waiting for you to grow a brain. I'll fix the problem my way. #vague
  • I'm just...gonna close my office door and cry for a bit. Don't mind me.
  • I wanna go home, but I can't keep using vacation time like this just because I can't function here.
  • I hate today already.
  • Someone stole my orange juice, vending machine won't let me have the one item I want, and my neighbor continues to put his junk at my door.
  • It kills me inside knowing that it isn't Friday and I have to come back to work tomorrow.
  • I think I may be getting sick. Honestly, I am surprised it took this long with all the stress and trouble sleeping.

I also set up an appointment with a therapist on Tuesday since I realize now that my depression has gotten out of hand.
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