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I haven't been sleeping well during the weekdays for a while now. Most likely stress of work and the waves of severe depression.

Last night I forgot to turn on my alarm clock. As a result, I woke up an hour late. I got to work a little after 8:00am.

You could probably say that I needed that extra hour of sleep.


I actually got 16 hours of sleep.


I tried to take a "nap" at 1pm yesterday. Each time my "nap alarm" would go off, I would decide to just reset it and continue sleeping. Eventually I stopped trying to get up and stayed sleeping.

I got up at some point around dinner time and made myself go to the store, get food, and come home to eat food. I tried to play Skyrim as I didn't want to throw my sleep schedule off.

But I was just too damn tired. I went back to bed instead.

Woke up at 11pm and brushed my teeth, changed into pajamas, and then got back into bed.

Woke up at 7:20am.


16 hours of sleep.
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