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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Cant sleep anymore. Woke up to adem sleeping diagonal and pushing me off the bed.
  • Got up to drink some water...try to climb back into bed only to see Adem move in his sleep...
  • ..curling into a ball, grabbing my pillow and taking it all together, and practically taking the top half of the bed.
  • ....i have no idea where his pillow is. I dont even see it anywhere
  • I asked Adem how he is able to fall asleep so fast. He tells me his "trick" is to stop thinking. I don't...understand...
  • Wow. A coworker said he appreciates what I do. #IWillRememberYouFOREVER
  • Adem finally got to experience ~*THE SONG*~ #Gundam00
  • You all might THINK you understand how obsessed I am of Graham, but you haven't seen my Graham folder on my computer.
  • I gotta say it. I just have to get it off my chest. I don't like the art/character designs of Attack on Titan.
  • People at work are so surprised our Bigfoot story is getting so much attention today and none of the political stuff.
  • I read the bigfoot story because it is unbelievable and caught my attention? U.S. politics being fucked up? That's expected...
  • my dad hasn't been able to get a steady job for nearly two years. I wonder if that's my future when i lose my job next year
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