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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Out at breakfast with @appawk and Adem. They are talking about 40k Fantasy (whatever it's called). I'm just here for the food.
  • Correction: Warhammer Fantasy.
  • Not interested in those kinds of rpgs...i need character development and backstories.
  • Adem: if you had +6 armor and +6 add them together for a +5. My Brain: and people think THAC0 in 2ed doesnt make sense.
  • That moment when you have eaten half a subway sandwich and have to decide to eat all of it or save the rest for later...
  • I want it on the twitter record that Adem agreed to name one of our kids Graham someday. #IAmTerrible
  • I need a nap in my life....
  • According to the morning traffic report on the radio...there was a stalled car about a few minutes ahead of me.
  • ...I don't consider a car off the road, behind the barrier, and in the bushes to just being "stalled" but maybe that's just me.
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