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State of the Bunneh

All week I haven't slept well. The week before it was on an off. But all this week, I get maybe 4 or 5 hours of restful sleep and the rest of the time just going in and out of unconsciousness. Today it really caught up to me and I felt myself in a fatigued and unable to concentrate state. I was also pretty cranky, but did my best to keep it to myself.

People tell me it's work and just life stressing me out.

Which is probably very accurate, but the frustrating thing is I feel like there is no end to this. This has just been a very hard year on me overall even though a lot of good stuff and positive stuff has happened once in a while.

If I can finally figure out my finances correctly, I am considering going back to therapy. A different therapist. One who not only helps with depression, but one that helps with career/work stuff. I found a couple with very reasonable rates. I am coming up to application number 100 and I still have no new job.

It is incredibly hard to remain motivated.

Being completely honest with everyone, I can barely function in life. I am doing my damn hardest to survive, but that isn't much is it? I remind myself every day that life won't always be like this, but once in a while...that isn't enough. It's hard to believe it some times.
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