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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Amusing myself w/ the idea that the 100th job ap I should start my cover letter w/ "Congratulations! Youre the 100th place Ive applied to!"
  • I check my professional email like 10 times a day hoping someone wants to give me a chance at a job.
  • I am convinced everyone looks at my degree, ignores my 7 years experience, ignores my 9 years of employment, and tosses out my resume.
  • " lieu of degree please have 1-2 years experience in design..." *Presses up against screen.* PICK ME! 7 YEARS! 7! THAT'S MORE THAN 2!
  • Dear DFP, Google, and IE....fuck you. I wish you all had faces that I can punch right now.
  • I wish I could tell followers in #Skyrim "That's a trap, don't touch it."
  • I always feel bad when I avoid a trap and seconds later I here a click and then my follower yelling/cursing. #Skyrim
  • I have a dream of being an actor in one of those cheesy As-Seen-On-TV products.
  • When opening new jars, I let the primate in me come out by hitting it against something hard. #notlying #workseverytime
  • I wish followers could be a LITTLE more intelligent. I mean COMMON! THERE IS GAS IN THIS CAVE. DON'T USE FIRE. #Skyrim #Ow
  • Friend had me watch the movie called Movie is a thing that exists.
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