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Dream: Wedding Bells

I had a dream I was getting married, but the wedding was a bit of a joke.

First, it was at an old rundown church. And not the cool kind of old where the church itself is a work of art, but I mean something crappy that was made only 10 years ago but something happened to it and it is now falling apart.

Adem and I are both atheists so if we get married I doubt we will get married in a church anyway.

Second, no one was helping me set up the reception hall so I was doing the entire thing myself. I was running around and setting up chairs and tables on my own. I do remember an amusing part where I turned around and there was a row of chairs by the dance floor. There were several guys sitting on the floor between the chairs playing on their DS’es. I made a comment of, “Why aren’t you sitting in the chairs?” and they all shrugged.

Third, I didn’t invite any of my friends? I realized that I forgot to send invitations out to people I knew.

Fourth, I didn’t even have a wedding party. Which is honestly one of my fears anyway as I can only think of three people I would want in my wedding party and two of them probably wouldn’t be able to make it.

Fifth, I didn’t write my wedding vows until, well, just as people were arriving. I wrote it on the back of some scratch paper. Amusing part…I used part of a Goo Goo Dolls song.

Sixth, my was a joke. I was to get married in a SATIN eggshell tuxedo shirt that was kind of frilly and a ribbon around my neck and black slacks. What.

Seventh…and probably the worst part of it all…

It was to be a double wedding.

With my parents.

My wedding was a double wedding…

With my parents.
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