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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Dinner was tasty but damn it smelled my apartment smells bad....
  • I am so hungry. Why must salads be....not filling?
  • I am an asshole...I am just good at controlling my behavior and not letting it known.
  • *Presses face against screen.* Why must this job I would be perfect for have "No phone calls please." on it? iilhfaa'dskht
  • I wish Windows had a face so I could punch it.
  • I wonder how many jobs I will have to apply to before I get a new one.
  • I think I should make a list of reasons why not to live with me and then give it to Adem
  • I just put my Modern Family disk into the Skyrim case because I am too lazy to get the Modern Family case.
  • I bet this will drive him batshit insane.
  • Another reason why not to live with me: Graham.
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