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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • I don't want to cook food. But I am hungry. #StoryOfMyLife
  • Think I decided on what to do for Adem's birthday gift:!
  • "Password help for _____. Enter the last password you remember to verify your account." What. The. Fuck.
  • Note to self: When sneaking backwards...know what is behind you to avoid falling off cliffs. #Skyrim
  • Me: I was wondering if you were going to get up. Adem: Your bed is too comfortable. Me: I know. I deal with it every day.
  • As ridiculous I behave when it comes to Graham, I can also be very serious. Which I guess is ridiculous on another level.
  • "Rain Gutter Cleaner/Helper Wanted." I can clean rain gutters... #Desperation
  • cupcake therapy
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