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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • While waiting to have blood work done, an old woman turned to me and said, "i may be old, but i want to get older." Hehe
  • Making Monday exciting at the dr office by passing out and then trying to vomit when i woke up! #imokay #really
  • Someone needs to invent like...a thing for your car...that tells other drivers that you want to turn. Maybe a flashing light...or something.
  • I am listening to the Skyrim soundtrack at work. This is the life I have now.
  • I tried the chicken & waffle flavored chips. Um. I don't know what I expected...

Skyrim Tweets:

  • ...I have an arrow in my ankle. #Skyrim
  • Went through two loading screens, at a party now, and I still have an arrow in my ankle.
  • If an arrow to the knee means you get married, does an arrow in the ankle mean you're going to become a cat lady? #Skyrim
  • Is that the fate of my guy? Is he going to become a cat lady??? #Skyrim
  • that I think of it I don't think there are cats in #Skyrim.
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