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Lab Visit

I'll start by saying, I find what happened yesterday a bit amusing. And I'm fine.

Last week I went to the doctor for a routine check-up. I got my anti-depressants doubled again since I mentioned they don't seem to be helping. As a result, getting out of bed seems a bit easier.

Yesterday I went in for some routine tests my doctor ordered. Blood work and some other things.

I don't like needles, but I am guessing not many people do. It's been years since I had a bad reaction to having blood taken. During the time where I had to get blood taken every month, the phlebotomist gave me tips and that seemed to work. But yesterday was a Monday and so I guess my body had different ideas.

I always go in with the attitude of, "I don't care which arm. It is whatever is easiest for you." Apparently I didn't drink enough water beforehand since she had trouble finding a vein. I looked away, focused on a spot, and began concentrating on breathing. I felt the stick...not so bad...but then she pulled it out and I began to feel weak.

"I missed, I'm sorry." She went to prepare for another attempt and I began to feel light headed. I tried to continue to breathe hoping to shake off the feeling, but then I felt nauseated. new to me. Normally I only get nauseated after having an IV put in my hand...not from being stuck in the arm.

I told her. (I've learned!) "You are?" "Yeah." She put down her things and told me to put my head down. My head complied by becoming a rock and I just remember falling forward in the chair and going limp over the arm of it.

I could hear bits and pieces of what was going on around me. Someone asking for a fan and then feeling some cold air. Then someone was talking to me and calling my name. "Can you hear me?" "Guuuh." "Do you know where you are?" "Guuuh." Guuh was my way of saying "Yes." At least in my mind it was saying "Yes."

I heard a familiar voice saying that they needed to lay me down somewhere and someone was helping me sit up. I opened my eyes and surprised that 6 people were all there tending to me. One was my doctor to which I smiled, "oh hi!" before another doctor held up a bucket for me and I started dry heaving. The brought a wheel chair over and helped me into it. I found my legs and my right arm was numb.

Next thing I know I am lying in a bed in the back and my doctor is getting frustrated that no one knows where an actual fan is. (They had been using a piece of paper in the lab.)

"We can afford fans. Get someone to order a fan for this room and the lab and a few extras."

I was there for an hour and they continued to check my blood pressure. They were worried if I stood or sit up my blood pressure would drop again and I would pass out again. After an hour everything seemed good to go, but then I pointed out...

"They didn't actually get blood from me."

My doctor made a comment that made me laugh and they laid my back down again, brought someone in, and they tried again. No problem that time.

They told me not to go back to work and to go home instead to rest. I didn't object, but thought I didn't need to rest. Boy, was I wrong.

As I got close to home I felt weak and tired. Made it to my apartment, collapsed on my bed, and slept for a while.

I feel rested and better.
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