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Dream Time

It was very difficult getting up this morning. I was in a very deep sleep and yet. . .multiple things woke me up. Even so, I was able to fall right back into a deep sleep. As a result, I had multiple random dreams. Here's what I remember from them.

High School - I was back in high school, only I was still 28? My high school had changed to accommodate more students and it was such a weird layout. Half the building looked new and the other half looked old.

It was the classic "I am late, don't remember my first class, and don't remember my locker combo." moment. I was riding a bike in a hurry and following the old path I use to take from my childhood home. I was able to ride my bike as fast as 35mph somehow, though it definitely made me sore.

I was actually taking college courses in the high school and that day was my last day. I find a place to lock up my bike and hurry inside. Panicked as I see I missed the first bell and people are getting to class.

I head to the blue hall and can't seem to find my locker. As I search more I go to where I am sure it is, but suddenly the lockers are white. I am positive my locker is blue, but I am not sure which one. I panic more as I realize I don't remember my locker combo anyway. So I decide to head to class. . .only, which class is mine? I peek into a few classes and I see everyone is sitting and watching some sort of video announcement thing and so I slip into one of the rooms and take a seat. I don't recognize anyone.

The video ends and the class discussion begins. Something about industrial design and I decide to leave the room since I know that isn't supposed to be my class.

My Neighbor - For some reason, everyone was over at my apartment. Before I had to go into work. And they all wanted to play video games, chat, and hang out. We were being very loud and suddenly. . .everyone stops. I get confused and someone says they heard my neighbor knock. I didn't, but trust them.

We try to be quiet, but someone in the group isn't good at that and ends up talking very loudly. I snap at him and someone says they heard a knock.

I am not hearing these knocks and get super concerned. I decide I will need to talk to the neighbor about it and ask him to knock louder for me and I would apologize. Adem is trying to talk me out of this for some reason, saying it is unnecessary. Everyone but Adem leaves.

When the last person leaves, my neighbor comes in. In my dream the guy was my neighbor, but my neighbor in real life looks and acts nothing like the dream version. I apologize right there for being loud and the neighbor seems to be in good spirits and says it is fine.

He then tells me he likes me shirt and that's why he came over. I'm confused and he explains further he wants to know where I buy my t-shirts as he needs some new ones and really likes mine.

I decide to write the web url down for him. CUE HAVING TO WRITE IT LIKE 20 TIMES. I don't know why, but I couldn't for the life of me write "" I kept misspelling it in my dream. At one point, I wrote it correctly, ripped the paper from the pad and then it was gone.

When I finally get it written down, I turn around to hand it to my neighbor only to finf him standing there completely naked. I look at Adem who only shrugs at me. I give my neighbor the paper and he thanks me and leaves. . .leaving his clothes in my living area.

"Super Moon" - "Waking up" in bed, I realize I forgot to look at the moon. I rush outside and stand on my balcony. Instead of a city street with buildings, my apartment is facing trees and a lake. For some reason my vision is blurry and I try to make it out. Slowly the moon comes into focus and it is huge! Covering 1/3rd of the sky and a bright orange. I am amazed and slowly the moon gets smaller. . .eventually only covering 1/9th of the sky.

It is then that it is "reflecting" the earth. It was awesome. But then it dawns on me and as I think to myself, "How is this even possible?" the whole world and view I have slowly becomes a cartoon. I am left with disappointment realizing what I am looking at isn't real.

Crazy Driver. - Finished up some grocery shopping and heading back to my car. That's when I see a women drive straight for and smash into the front of my car! I am disturbed and hurry over.

The driver is very apologetic and so I have trouble being mad at her and instead grow concern about how she didn't stop. She says she didn't see my car. Adem shows up and the woman agrees to drive us somewhere about getting my car looked at since my car is pretty bad and hers is fine.

As she starts driving, she does a sharp turn, "spaces out," and heads straight for a brick wall!

McDonalds - I know at some point, somewhere, Adem and I are discussing dinner options. We can't decide on anything and so he finally says, "Let's just go to McDonalds." "Really?! Are you sure?!" "Yeah." I am so confused by this and conflicted since I am not eating fast food right now. We head to McDonalds and I struggle between getting a quarter pounder or chicken McNuggets. Just before we pull into one I start craving a salad.
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