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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • My computer chair is breaking. This could be because it is made up of two cardboard boxes. . .but I may need to investigate further.
  • For the first time since living here, I can hear my neighbor.
  • I was thinking maybe we had super awesome insulation over here or something.
  • Now I am wondering how often they have heard me. #ohdear
  • Upgraded my computer chair from two boxes to a step ladder. #Ifeelawesome
  • TIL my devil NPC in D&D shares the same "name" as the first electronic general-purpose computer. ENIAC.
  • My boss tried to hand my car off to a 4-year-old. :P But the little kid said he didn't want it.
  • Me: turn left. N: no. We need to go right. Me: are pointing left. N: ...yes. thats the way we need to go.
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