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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Watched a restaurant freak out when a party of 30 walked in without calling ahead.
  • Two cups of hot tea with caffeine, lots of heat, protein bar, power nap, pinching myself, sugar and nope. Can't stay awake right now.
  • That moment on Tumblr where you suddenly have a ton of notes and you know someone with a ton of followers must have reblog--IT WAS RABBIT!
  • Casually wondering if my coworkers forgot that I am not a web developer.
  • Fuck it. I am going to write my password down for this stupid fucking website that requires a ridiculous amount of shit in my password.
  • I can never fucking remember it.
  • I am thinking iH8thisPASSW@RD or thisS1T3isDUMB!
  • I think I need more numbers in those. And a color.
Fun fact.  I changed he password.  Didn't write it down. THE VERY NEXT DAY I COULDN'T REMEMBER IT.  Or at least it wasn't what I thought I changed it to.


I'm a genius.
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