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Vacation Overview - SakuraCon

SakuraCon was around March 31st. Long overdue post.

The Drive - Obviously a big chunk of the vacation was driving. Adem and I took the 15ish hour drive to Washington and later back down again. We split the driving which made things easier.

And hey, we learned we can handle being stuck in a car together for hours and hours.

I was mostly amused by Adem's dislike of Oregon with its gas laws. You can't pump your own gas there. Also, I was amazed to discover that the cheapest parking in downtown Seattle is the convention center!

Friends and People - We shared a room with four other people. Two were friends of mine from Spokane. . .Mia and Blake. The other two were Alden, someone I met through Adem, and Alden's friend from college, Zach.

There was much drinking and playing of games. Tentacle Bento is a silly, but fun game to play.

While there I also did see Neth and then Jess, Money, and Chris for only a short bit. Overall, it was really good in terms of people!

The Injury - Adem and I arrived late Wednesday so that Thursday we could recover from the drive and get our badges without any stress. Friday morning is when I woke up with intense pain in my shoulder. So much so, it was difficult to move myself with that arm and I couldn't get comfortable and continue sleeping.

Friday and Saturday were both pretty painful, but I did my best not to let it be the focus of my vacation.

Seeing a physical therapist for several weeks was able to remedy it. Apparently it was an injury in my neck and not my shoulder that was giving me pain.

Cosplays and Swag - I didn't really cosplay much due to time and money, but still managed to get in a Graham cosplay. The outfit he wears at the end of Season 2. I saw a super cute Bunny Girl Gundam Cosplay and actually quite a few Steam Powered Giraffe cosplays! Saw two Rabbits, two Hatchworths, and a Spine. I am sad that none of my pictures of them turned out, though.

Oh! One of my favorite moments was I spotted some guy walking around with sores all over his face. I didn't understand and half wondered why he came to the con with makeup like that. Then I saw him talking to a Castiel cosplayer and realized that he was cosplaying Lucifer! Super excited and ran over to get a picture.

I didn't spend much at the con, but walked away with a few new buttons and things from Artist Alley. I also got the last DVD I needed for Suzuka and Princess Tutu boxset since it was a pretty good price and I heart that anime like woah.

Panels and Things - Went to a few panels, but nothing really worth mentioning. I was a little disappointed in Where Fanfic Goes to Die. I enjoyed it none-the-less but there was a lot of stuff they had read before instead of new things. 30H's is probably the one fic I have no problem with being read again and again, though!

Watched some new Anime with Adem and we discovered "Is This a Zombie?" I fucking love that anime.

I had a lot of fun!
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