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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Me: Hippies ruin everything… Adem: Except, you know, the planet.
  • Someone hire meeeeeeeeeee.
  • It’s going to be weird not cosplaying Graham at a con.
  • Adem: It isnt like to be an atheist i had to turn over my “emotions card” Me: You didnt?!
  • Adem: No and you should get yours back. Sunsets are supposed to be beautiful.
  • How come conventions havent figured out a good registration process yet?
  • My greatest fear is once we leave this room…we will enter another room that is only a line.
  • I just had a magical moment with Steve while waiting in line.
  • OH: I talk like a drunk person in my day to day life. (She really does sound drunk)

Steve being the Sound Engineer from Steam Powered Giraffe. I went to Fanime over the weekend and got to see and meet Steam Powered Giraffe. :3

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