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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • CW: Are you scared of crickets? Me: No, why? Is there one you need removed? CW: . . .yes.
  • An email just went out saying "DO NOT DRINK WATER FROM THE BUILDING." Guess. . .who already has been drinking it?
  • Trying to find out WHY we shouldn't drink the water. All I am being told is, "Don't drink it." as an answer. askfjh'akhtrkrtk.
  • Im asking because Ive had a liter of this water today already. If its because it isnt filtered, whatever. I want to know if its more serious
  • OHing a guy who apparently never looked at a world map until he was in his 20's...
  • Guy: When i was in Korea it was really cool...looked at a map and found that Russia, you know Russia? It is right along Asia.
  • Guy: And Korea is a peninsula...
And before anyone makes a point that Russia is actually a part of Asia, I didn't want to blow his mind. I knew he must be working on the idea that Asia=China, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Laos, & Vietnam. Because, ya know, 'MERICA! (I may be giving him too much credit with assuming he knows that Laos is a country that exists.)

This happened at a restaurant. He was talking to some people who were from Korea. Which makes the whole, "And Korea is a peninsula." part even funnier. He then went on to define what a peninsula is.
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