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Update on Life and Things

Stuff that has been going on in my life right now...
  • Still haven't finished unpacking at my apartment.
  • My current relationship (Adem) is the longest relationship I have ever been in.
  • Work is still frustrating as all hell.
  • Can't seem to get my website back up.  Beginning to get really upset about this because there are a lot of jobs I can't apply for without an online portfolio.
  • Learning a new language has been. . .interesting.  Still struggling with "Thank you."
  • Nervous and anxious that my Rabbit cosplay won't be ready in time for Fanime.
  • I am seeing my dad tomorrow for lunch.
  • DMing is hard stuff, yo.
  • Took a look at the Supernatural fandom.  It's wack.  I will stay over here.  I only took a look at it because someone posted a link on Reddit to crazy and I like reading about fandom crazy.
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