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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • I need to invest in popsicles. It gets hot in my apartment with all the sunlight i get. The heat is worth the natural light, though!
  • Had a dream that Adem gave me a cook book of different bundt cakes, but half the pages were pictures of gore.
  • And I know I live in California, but when I say No avocado I mean NO avocado. California is wrong. Avocado is gross.
  • Our janitor told me he had to clean some of the station vehicles. I feel so very sorry for him. #ReportersAreGross
  • Cooking bacon and the fire alarm is set off. Take out the battery and it gets louder and more annoying. Wtf.
  • Adem: Well, Setsuna is more of a bad ass. Me: See?! And you should cosplay him!
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