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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Wow. Canceling service with AT&T is a little complicated. Talked to one robot, been on hold three times, and talked to three representatives
  • Send me a :30 youtube video and i will always think “tl;dw”
  • Man, do I ever hate Sam. I would not be sad at all if he died in the series finale of Supernatural.#ItWontHappen
  • I am running out of boxes marked “random stuff” and still havent found my tv remote.
  • Canada should just adopt me.
  • Eat breakfast, they say. It will help your hunger, they say. IT MAKES ME EVEN MORE HUNGRY AND EARLIER. ARGH. I DON’T GET IT.
  • And it makes me fuck up English grammar. HUNGRIER!
  • Whenever I eat peaches I start thinking: MILLIONS of peaches! Peaches for me. MILLIONS of peaches! Peaches for free.
  • Me: dont know why, but i like his yellow eyes. Adem: because you like weird people. Me: youre right. I like /weird/ people. Adem: …
  • Out of context Adem: i want to cry whales. Orcas to consume my enemies!
  • Not that i questioned it, but i can confirm that watching paint dry isnt fun
  • After getting his car back from the dealership, Adem found nail polish in his car. I dont think it’s his color
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