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I've been interested in Scientology for a while now. Interest as in...I want to know what it is all about and not interest as in...I want to join, sign my life away, get kidnapped to a cruise ship where i sign million year (or whatever) contract to work insane hours for pennies.

There has to be a reason people are drawn to it and i just want to know what i can. Which i know a lot is kept as a secret...but i want to learn what i can. I like hearing about people's beliefs and this is one big unknown to me.

Which of course makes me want to poke at it with a stick.

I decided to start with the book that apparently started it all, Dianetics. I got it on CD as something to listen to when commuting.

Maybe that was a bad idea.

Because i am two CDs in and wondering what the fuck i am listening to.

There may be future rants.
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