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Money Panic

So, I went to Vegas and I knew I was pretty fine in regards to money and I had no plans of gambling or doing anything outrageous.

On the way to Vegas I pulled out $100 and got a receipt that said I had $700 less than what I should have. I tried not to worry about it, but damn. That. . .sucks. And I would have to wait to look into it when I got back.

The only thing that helped was knowing I get paid on the 19th.

I enjoyed my time and then at the end of the vacation, I got a text from my phone provider saying my bill was $70 more than what it should be. Fuck.

Here I am. Back. I looked into my phone bill and for some reason I no longer have unlimited texting and being charged for "going over." Pissed. And I will have to dig out my contract to make sure the new one still has it.

Went on my bank account and. . .it's what it should be. I am not $700 down like my receipt had shown for some reason. Oh my god. a;lkfh'akdsfhgghj. A rellief, but fucking-a, my phone bill.
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