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Moving Boxes

Started to unpack last night! Things are coming together slowly in my mind, but there are some things I need to get in the future and things I need to get rid of.

It doesn't look like I will have room for my coffee table and so I am thinking of either using it in the walk-in closet as sort of a low shelf or getting rid of it. Getting rid of it would make me sad as I really love the style of it.

Getting rid of my plastic shelves. Was going to use them in my closet, but if I use my coffee table. . .I won't have room for it.

I'll probably get rid of my kitchen cart.

I think I know where my computer will end up, but the outlet for that spot is in such an inconvenient and ugly location. Speaking of inconvenient locations, I am super happy to discover that my wall heater is very directional and that items next to it don't get hot. My wall heater is in such a TERRIBLE location otherwise. If I couldn't put stuff right next to it I probably wouldn't have room for, well, anything.

Things to buy. . .

A bench. I think that would be the best solution for guest seating. And floor pillows to help.

A table. Some friends have this cool folding table from Ikea I want to get. I know the perfect spot for it too when it isn't in use.

Silverware tray. Apparently it wasn't packed. Oops.

Edit: A photo of the unpacking process!
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