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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Me: Graham finally has pants. Adem: Boo.
  • I kid you not. 6 loads of laundry and still not done washing clothes.
  • When you are wearing one costume for one day at a con, packing becomes so much easier. Ha ha.
  • Realized I need to wear my Flat Earth Society t-shirt this weekend. I must spread the word that the earth is actually flat!
  • I just spelled "kitties" as "kittys." Awesome.
  • Adem is shaving his glorious beard!
  • As Adem goes through the different styles of facial hair, his age seems to change. Ha ha
  • He currently looks like he should have some kids in high school
  • Starting vacation by getting up before 6:30 and setting out strips to kill any potential bed bugs while gone. FUN TIMES, RIGHT???
  • Adem: he's from Washingron. *Pause* Warshington. Me: NO! Adem: Haha. Yay! Now i have a thing that bothers you.
  • Forgot to mention last night that after 10 mins of being in Seattle we got to see a stranger's penis.
  • I found Lucifer
  • At a panel called The Lighter Side Of Gundam. I want to know this "lighter" side
  • Drank moonshine while playing Tentacle Bento until 2am. As a result...we woke up 10 mins ago and i have a panel at 12:15. Oops.

BACK FROM VACATION.  Going to go pass out now from our 16ish hour drive.
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