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Friday evening I bought a bed frame off of craigslist and spent time with friends. Saturday Adem and I packed. All day. Pretty much all my stuff is packed up except a few random things and things I need until I actually move. Oh, and my manga. Going to be treated them for bed bugs while I am away this week.

I got a bit sore from all of that.

Yesterday I spent most of my time doing laundry. 6 loads of laundry washing all my clothes. I actually have two loads left, but ran out of quarters last night. Clearly I own too many clothes.

I have to wash all my clothes and then seal them in plastic ziplock bags. After all that laundry I am really sore. My right shoulder hurts and my left foot is killing me.

Bedding will have to be washed the day I move. Things I am getting rid of are two dressers, table, chairs, a desk, bedside table, entertainment center, and two floor lamps.

So, yeah.

Wednesday is when Adem and I leave for SakuraCon. Hopefully I will be less sore since of course my feet are going to feel it after the con. He he.
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