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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • My throat feels icky. My head feels icky. My eyes feel icky. /whine
  • Adem and I are sick together. We seem to be progressing through ick at the same time.
  • This twitter will now document subject's (Ani) progression through illness.
  • At 16:45 subject was removed from work facility and transported to quarantine zone.
  • At 17:22 supplies for life support are being collected.
  • (If you are married to me, you will get to look forward to me tweeting your illnesses in this fashion. )
  • 01:51 - Subject is refusing to go back to bed. Unable to restrain subject. The illness is making the subject more irritated than usual.
  • I'm saying this now: If we are ever in a situation where I must use cling wrap to save the world. . .we're fucked. The world is doomed.
  • Looking up animals in D&D and wondered why a Forest Sloth is a CR 11 AND GEEZUS CHRIST WHAT IS THIS:
  • I'm sorry, Comic Sans. You get abused to the point where no one loves you. But I still love you. You'll always have me~
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