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Still sick, but I no longer behave like a zombie that is struggling to blend in with society.

Today I had a preliminary walk-through with my apartment, which I have never had to do before. There will still be a final walk-through, but they wanted to do a preliminary one. Went a lot better than expected. Since they are are remodeling the place all together, there are some usual costs I won't have to pay for. There is still a built in cost for general cleaning so, okay. I won't have to worry about cleaning as much as I usually do and then some damages to the blinds.

I am hoping to get back at least $300 of my deposit back which will help with Vegas trip or furniture for the new place. Hooray!

My dad emailed me last night and I guess next month he is planning a trip to come down and see the grandparents. He asked if it would be all right to see me at some point to. I am pretty busy with April since it is SakuraCon, moving, and then Vegas. . .but if he comes down during a time where I could see him (hell, even during the moving weekend.) I would really enjoy it. We shall see.

I think I am going to be able to pull of a lazy cosplay of Graham for SakuraCon. I just gotta figure out pants to wear. Bleh. It's the outfit we see him in for three seconds at the end of Season 2. After I do that one, all that is left is Mr. Bushido.

This weekend I should be DMing for the first time. Oh god.
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