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Fave Tweets From Last Week

  • Dear IE: Stop being dumb right now. We got work to do.
  • This magazine I snagged from the laundry room REEKS of pot. It is so distracting. And I am burning incense and this mag alone overpowers it.
  • Every page turn is another whiff of pot. How much do you have to smoke to make a magazine reek this badly?
  • If I get married, it will be in April so that for the anniversary every year I can get black jelly beans as a gift.
  • I'm assuming people decide when they get married by the candy that is available during the time of the year.
  • Janitor: Tired? Me: No. Just doing boring work right now. Janitor: Me too.
  • . . .Pick the Pope: Bracket Contest. Wat.
  • Adem: this song is okay. Me: ah. it a girll or a guy? Adem:'s Justin Timberlake.
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